brainwashed new additions

A belated welcome to a few new sites here on Brainwashed:
  • Mirror now has their own space, while
  • Ora has a separate place all their own; and
  • Christoph Heemann has a site devoted to his solo work.

These sites join the handful managed by Francois Carrier, along with newly updated sites for Andrew Chalk and HNAS. These sites are micro-integrated, but appropriately referencable. In addition, there is a small site for Mimir. Also, there's a new site for Out Hud, who incestuously share members with !!! and last, but not least, is Sybarite, whose domain, is now on the server too!
Please join us in welcoming them all to the family and introduce yourself when you pass by their cubicle.

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new releases from the vaults of cab volt

4 radical new mixes of the Cabaret Voltaire classic 'Nag Nag Nag' originally intended for the personal use only of Richard H. Kirk will be available March 17th. Inspired by the re-release of 'Nag Nag Nag' with remixes by Akufen and Tiga & Zyntherius last year, Kirk decided to tinker with the track for his own personal use. Having managed to persuade him to allow mix 4 to be used on the re-release last year, Richard has now allowed The Grey Area Of Mute to release a strictly limited edition 12" of all the mixes.
A remix 12" of Yashar, with mixes by All Seeing I and Alter Ego will be released on Novamute on May 5th, a box set of rare and unreleased material 'Methodology - The Attic Tapes (1974-1978)' will be released on May 19th, and a DVD 'Double Vision Presents Cabaret Voltaire' will be released on June 9th.
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new thighpaulsandra album(s)

'Double Vulgar' will be released on the newly formed Retractor label via World Serpent on March 17th 2003. Rather than release another double album Thighpaulsandra has decided to release two single albums (the second of which should appear in late June/July). There will also be a limited art edition set of prints available designed to enhance the intensely homoerotic listening experience. The cover is another Christopherson classic. The track listing is as follows:
  1. The Bush Administration Project
  2. Slammer
  3. On The Horns Of Magda Reuth
  4. The Circumcision Of Christ
  5. Double Vulgar
  6. He Tastes Of The Sea
  7. His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales Breaches Reality

The album features contributions from Martin Schellard, Siôn Orgon, The Boy Anal, John Balance, Ossian Brown, Dorothy Lewis and Cliff Stapleton. Rehearsals are underway for some Thighpaulsandra shows. European and US tour dates are currently trying to be arranged around the Coil and Spiritualized schedules.

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Nurse With Wound releases unveiled

Two new releases involving Nurse with Wound have been announced. The first is a collaborative work with Unveiled, limited to 500 copies on the Bragagild Label out of Denmark. The artwork was done by Steven Stapleton and the music is based on NWW works, reconstructed by Unveiled. Next is a vinyl release from Beta Lactam Ring Records due in May. 'She And Me Fall Together Like Free Death' is a collection of an all new audio poems, pressed on audiofile vinyl. More information will be posted when available.
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Hafler Trio audtions, interview with Crouton online

There are even more new releases due from Hafler Trio as well as a new page set up at the site for benefit auctions. Over at Crouton, however, is a brand new interview with Andrew Mckenzie.
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New Cabs from the live vault

Cherry Red has announced the January release of Cabaret Voltaire, "Live At The Hacienda '83/'86." This is the audio recording which corresponds to the recent DVD release. In addition, the single "Yashar" is also due to be re-released in a remixed form shortly. For a tracklisting, see Cherry Red's site.
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beta-lactam announces new martjin de kleer and coil

According to Beta-Lactam Ring Records, Legendary Pink Dots member Martjin de Kleer's next album, "So Close Yet So Far Out" will ship in January. The long-anticipated 10" single from Coil, "The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence," (the last in the Lactamese singles series) is completely sold out. For those who managed to order one of the 500 copies, there are more details of the release on Beta Lactam's web site.
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Kirk's Biochemical Dread

According to a recently published and poorly proofread article in PlayLouder, Richard H. Kirk's got a new alias, Biochemical Dred, for his next album. In the article, Kirk's optimism is once again about as far away as his former Cab Volt partner, Stephen Mallidner. You can read more at
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Industrial Ressurection & More Info on 24 Hours

From the Chris and Cosey website:
"The 23rd of December 2002 will see the release of a special edition Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set. This official limited edition release will be the first on the soon to be resurrected Industrial Records label and has been made entirely possible with help, support and encouragement of Mute Records. This major release is an updated edition of the original Throbbing Gristle boxed set of 24 live performance cassettes available from Industrial Records in late'70's and early '80's. The (much bootlegged) cassette release has been completely updated and will contain 24 CD versions digitally remastered from the original Throbbing Gristle master tapes. The complete package will be presented in a custom designed box containing 24 individually sleeved 60 minute live CDs, plus various inserts, collages, booklets and TG related items.

The Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set is being compiled and produced with the complete co-operation of all the members of Throbbing Gristle and is the first new official release by TG and Industrial Records in many years. A new dedicated Industrial Records web site is currently in production, where will it be possible to order the TG 24-hour CD boxed set and other TG related items on-line. As soon as further details are available they will be posted here. Also due for release in 2003 will be the first official Industrial Records Throbbing Gristle DVD.

Most of the CD re mastering and production work for the Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set is completed. However, the release date has been moved back and is now officially the 23rd December 2002. This is to ensure we get the complex packaging and parts exactly as we intend. Believe me this is going to be one hell of a release and definitely worth waiting for. In the meantime there will be an announcement from Industrial / Mute Records regarding an interim TG release."

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ROIR Announces LPD Release

In a press sheet, ROIR announced an upcoming release of 'Chemical Playschool 15,' consisting of old cassette-only tracks from Legendary Pink Dots and Edward Ka-Spel. Word from the LPD camp, however is that there are two new albums of new material in the works. 'All the King's Horses' is the working title for the Soleilmoon release and 'All the King's Men' is the projected companion album to be released on ROIR. They won't see the light of day until the fall of this year, at the absolute earliest, preceeding the next LPD North American tour.
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New Matmos Performances and Remixes

Seevral Matmos-related releases are out now/soon. Available now is the Goem remix album "Gast" which features a Matmos mix along with contributions from Taylor Deupree, Richard Chartier, Mitchell Akiyama, I8U and others, and the Rough Trade/Mute compilation "Electronic 01" which includes the CD debut of the track "Freak'n'You".
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Yet Another Instructional Academic Electronic Compilation

Dirty capitalist pigs at Mute and Rough Trade have decided to once again cash in on back catalogue, this time releasing another unnecessary compilation of already released music which features songs from Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Matmos among others. 
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Shaun Voltaire?

Rumors are circulating around now that Stephen Mallinder (of Cabaret Voltaire) has been behind the mixing boards for the first solo album of former British music media darling Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape). Rumors claim the album's been completed in Australia and is being shopped around for a label right now.
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Jack Dangers/Tino Corp Proto Tracked On "I Love SF"

Jack Dangers and DHS are both represented in the first volume of a new CD subscription series called Proto Tracks. Volume One gets straight to the heart of the San Francisco electronic music scene dedicating its tracking to exclusively Bay Area independent labels. Tino Corp selections are from D.H.S. in "Radio Safe" a version of this track to appear on the future D.H.S CD and the Jack Dangers track, "Al 13 " from his currently available 10" release, Tape Music (Flexidisc). Other labels featured on Proto Tracks debut volume, I (heart) San Francisco include: Asphodel, Exact Science, Future Primitive Sound, Imperial Dub, Om, Orthlong Musork Six Degrees, Tigerbeat 6 and Ubiquity. Further details at
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C93/NWW Special Limited Edition

Current Ninety Three and Nurse With Wound are issuing a 2CD set to coincide with the exhibition of artwork by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet at the Horse Hospital gallery in London. Limited to 1000 copies, on the PanDurtro label, it is presently available only from
Each group has contributed an album of newly recorded music; the 2CDs are packaged in a double-sided full-colour cruciform sleeve with insert. This double album will be available at the shows by Current Ninety Three in London, and the Horse Hospital, as well as from Durtro Mail Order.
The album costs £20 plus postage and packing. Please note: copies of the album will not be shipped until April 8, when the exhibition opens.
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Coil Tour Europe

With Thighpaulsandra away, the boys will play. Coil have lined up some live dates throughout Europe and the UK. Shows are now scheduled to start at the end of March in Limoges, France. From there, the group goes on to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, four dates in Germany and finally at The Barbican in London, where they'll take part in a video game-themed music fest with a number of other groups. There's a new lineup, some new costumes and new projections. Their Time Machines LP has been issued in a limited run of 100 clear vinyl copies, there's some new projected projects on the horizon, all this and more at the website.
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Aranos In Rare Live Appearances

Aranos will make some rare appearances this coming week in Lisbon, Portugual. On Thursday, March 14th, there will be a special showcase at Incognito - located at the bar "Bairro Alto". On Friday and Saturday, Aranos will perform at Teatro Ibérico along with Matt Howden (Sieben, Raindogs, Sol Invictus) and B'erth from In Gowan Ring. Teatro Ibérico is located at Rua de Xabregas, 54 and their phone number is +351 218682531. Doors open on the night of the concert at 8:30 p.m. and the concert promptly starts at 9:30. Capacity is limited to 170 people. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 11th and are available from both the venue and at Visit eventos for more information (in Portuguese) or contact Julio Cruz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any further questions.
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Trans Am Go For the Ta

Trans Am have announced their next album is nearing preparedness for release. 'T.A.' doesn't have a release date but a tentative tracklisting is now on the website and a release date announcement is immanent. Be prepared.
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VtB On Volucan & Blrr

Volcano the Bear has two live CD-Rs now available. "Volnono" and "Xvol" live are available through Volucan in the UK and Europe and Beta Lactam Ring Records in North America. Soon to come is 'The Mountains Among Us' on vinyl, limited to 200 only (100 in a deluxe edition box with hand painted inserts and cover art, unique photograph, and other things (more information shortly,..) Contact Beta Lactam Rings at and Volcano the Bear at
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Pan•American - The River Made No Sound

Kranky has announced the release date and information about the third full-length Pan•American album. "The River Made No Sound" should be available on March 25th. Cover artwork and sound samples are now available at the site.

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