3/12/2006 - 3/18/2006

Look for old things this week from Trembling Blue Stars and Laibach, and new things from old people like Gary Numan and Massive Attack.
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3/5/2006 - 3/11/2006

Expect new releases in your fave local shops this week from Mogwai, Madlib, Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Richard H. Kirk, Nightmares on Wax, and Caroline and old releases from Van Der Graaf Generator, Ciccone Youth, and Sun Dial.
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2/26/2006 - 3/4/2006

Hey hey, new music this week, look for new music from Volcano the Bear, The Durutti Column, Why?, Ms John Soda, and James Blackshaw.
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2/19/2006 - 2/25/2006

Look for new stuff this week from Final, Four Tet & Steve Reid, Chihei Hatakeyama, Jimmy Edgar, Liars, and Chicago Underground Duo, and not-so-new stuff from Bass Communion, Lowlife, and No-Man.
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2/12/2006 - 2/18/2006

New things this week include releases by Whitehouse, Drop the Lime, Pedro, and Guitar, while old things this week includes stuff due from This Heat and Talking Heads.
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2/5/2006 - 2/11/2006

Look for new stuff this week from Beth Orton, Swearing at Motorists, and Sparks along with old stuff from the Sugarcubes, Battles, Belle and Sebastian, and Electric Six.
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01/29/2006 - 02/04/2006

New releases this week are due from Mogwai, Coldcut, Lori Carson, and Miss Kitten, while old stuff is due from Harold Budd, Devine & Statton, Fluke, and Nine Inch Nails.
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1/22/2006 - 1/28/2006

Releases this week include Four Tet, Tortoise and Bonnie Billy, Jel, Pete Namlook, Excepter, Ariel Pink, Delta 5, and Cat Power.
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01/15/2006 - 01/21/2006

This week brings us reissues from Isabelle Antena, Devine & Statton, Sparks and Romeo Void, and new stuff from Chessie, Electric President and Test Icicles.
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01/08/2006 - 01/14/2006

Things are still pretty slow on the new release front, but there are a few interesting things out this week, including a reissue of an Archon Satani classic and some early Talking Heads, and new stuff from Muslimgauze and The Hacker with Mount Sims.
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01/01/2006 - 01/07/2006

It's a new year, but there aren't too many new releases yet.  Read more for info on discs from Keiji Haino, Nice Nice, Janek Schaeffer and a few others.
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12/18/2005 - 12/31/2005

Not many new releases scheduled at the end of the year...
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12/11/2005 - 12/17/2005

New stuff this week from Strange Attractor, Future Pilot AKA, Depeche Mode, David Thomas Broughton and more.
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12/04/2005 - 12/10/2005

Look for new things this week from Coil, Collide, Interpol, Kraftwerk and old things from Bauhaus, New Order, Simon Joyner, and Depeche Mode.
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11/27/2005 - 12/03/2005

New stuff this week includes Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Secret Mommy, Wolf & Cub, and The Kills, and old stuff includes The Residents and Van Der Graaf Generator.
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11/20/2005 - 11/26/2005

New stuff this week includes releases from Liars, Tristeza, Interpol, and Certainly Sir!, as well as old stuff from Cocteau Twins, Bill Nelson and Slowdive.
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11/13/2005 - 11/19/2005

New stuff this week includes Not Breathing, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Edith Frost, Mike Ladd, Th' Faith Healers, and The Howling Hex while old repackaged stuff includes Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, and The Residents.
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11/06/2005 - 11/12/2005

People with new things out this week include Windy & Carl, Kate Bush, Caribou, and Hella and old stuff is due out from Alien Sex Fiend, Wumpscut, and Can.
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10/30/2005 - 11/5/2005

This week's new stuff includes Edward Ka-Spel, Brian McBride (of Stars of the Lid), Signaldrift, Landing, Bright, Noise/Girl, Goldfrapp, and Black Dice, plus reissues/retrospectives from AFX, the Beta Band, Nick Cave & Yello.
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10/23/2005 - 10/29/2005

New stuff from Antony and the Johnsons, Meat Beat Manifesto, Gravenhurst, and Kate Bush with old stuff from Residents, Super_collider, and The Man (finally on CD - Bill Drummond of the KLF!)
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