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Release dates correspond to original date of release. Sound samples and music videos are available within. Click on the table headings to sort data. More info to come.

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Answes Come In DreamsMeat Beat Manifesto2010LP/CD/digital
Totally TogetherMeat Beat Manifesto2010digital
EducationThe JDs2010digital
Tour 2008 EPMeat Beat Manifesto2008CD-R
Music for PlanetariumJack Dangers2008LP/CD
AutoimmuneMeat Beat Manifesto2008LP/CD
Lonely Soldier/Guns N LoversMeat Beat Manifesto200812"/MP3
Archive Things 1982-1988/PurgedVarious2007CDx2
Travelogue Live '05Meat Beat Manifesto2006DVD
Live '05Meat Beat Manifesto2006CD
Radio Free Republic/LovefingersMeat Beat Manifesto20067"
Off-CentreMeat Beat Manifesto200512"/CDEP
At the CenterMeat Beat Manifesto2005CD
Loudness ClarifiesJack Dangers2004CDx2
Forbidden Planet ExploredJack Dangers2004CDx2
Echo In Space DubMeat Beat Manifesto200412"
...In DubMeat Beat Manifesto2004CD/DVD
STSRMXSMeat Beat Manifesto2003CD
What Does It All Mean?Meat Beat Manifesto200212"
Free Piece SuiteMeat Beat Manifesto2002CD3
RUOK?Meat Beat Manifesto2002LP/CD
Variaciones EspectralesJack Dangers2002CDEP
Tape MusicJack Dangers200110"
Sounds of the 20th Century No. 2Jack Dangers2001flexi
Sounds of the 20th Century No. 1Jack Dangers2000flexi
Eccentric ObjectsMeat Beat Manifesto200012"
Prime Audio SoupMeat Beat Manifesto199812"/CDS
Actual Sounds + VoicesMeat Beat Manifesto1998CD/CS
Acid AgainMeat Beat Manifesto199812"/CDS
Original FireMeat Beat Manifesto199712"x2/CD
it's the MusicMeat Beat Manifesto199612"/CDS
Subliminal SandwichMeat Beat Manifesto1996CDx2/CS
Asbestos Lead AsbestosMeat Beat Manifesto199612"/CDS
TransmissionMeat Beat Manifesto199612"/CDS
Nuclear BombMeat Beat Manifesto199512"/CDS
Peel SessionMeat Beat Manifesto1993CDEP
CirclesMeat Beat Manifesto1993CDS/CS
MindstreamMeat Beat Manifesto199312"/CDS
SatyriconMeat Beat Manifesto1992LPx2/CD/CS
Edge of No ControlMeat Beat Manifesto199212"/CDS
10x Faster Than the Speed of LoveMeat Beat Manifesto1992CDS
NowMeat Beat Manifesto199112"/CDS
Version GaloreMeat Beat Manifesto199112"/CDEP
Psyche OutMeat Beat Manifesto199012"/CDS
99%Meat Beat Manifesto1990LP/CD/CS
Helter SkelterMeat Beat Manifesto199012"/CDS/CS
Armed Audio WarfareMeat Beat Manifesto1990LP/CD/CS
Dog Star ManMeat Beat Manifesto199012"/CDS/CS
Storm the StudioMeat Beat Manifesto1989LPx2/CD/CS
God O.DMeat Beat Manifesto198812"/CDS
Let's Go DiscoSpace Children198812"
Re-AnimatorMeat Beat Manifesto198812"
LeathernecksPerennial Divide198812"
Strap DownMeat Beat Manifesto198812"/CDS
I Got the FearMeat Beat Manifesto198712"/7"
Bee HeadPerennial Divide198712"/7"
PurgePerennial Divide1987LP
Burn DownPerennial Divide198612"

Compilation Appearances

BrainwavesMeat Beat Manifesto2008Apathetic Sympathetic
BrainwavesMeat Beat Manifesto2008Reanimator pts. 5-8
Rebirth 1.0Meat Beat Manifesto2008The Unprintable Word
BrainwavesJack Dangers2006A Strange Case of Instrumentation
BrainwavesJack Dangers2006The Self Enjoy
A Scanner Darkly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jack Dangers2006A Darkly Mix
Underworld: Evolution SoundtrackMeat Beat Manifesto2006Suicide
Destroy All Humans! SoundtrackMeat Beat Manifesto2005Mind Over Matter
Destroy All Humans! SoundtrackMeat Beat Manifesto2005We Shall Destroy You
Moog Original Film SoundtrackMeat Beat Manifesto2004Unavailable Memory
The Animatrix - The AlbumMeat Beat Manifesto2003Martenot Waves
Better Living Through CircuitryMeat Beat Manifesto2000Parts 1-4
Earth DanceMeat Beat Manifesto1999Anon
Hot Wheels: Turbo Racer "Original Game Soundtrack"Meat Beat Manifesto1999Eclectic People
Convergence (Where Live Meets Electronic)Meat Beat Manifesto1999Source of Uncertainty: 1996
For the MassesMeat Beat Manifesto1998Everything Counts
Plastic Compilation Volume 1Meat Beat Manifesto1997She's Unreal (Alternate Mix 3)
Offbeat - A Red Hot SoundtripMeat Beat Manifesto1996I Control (Audio Collage #2)
In Defense of Animals Volume 2Meat Beat Manifesto1996We Done It Again
Volume 16Meat Beat Manifesto1996Future Worlds (Alternative Version)
FMCD 44Meat Beat Manifesto1996Electric People (Jack Dangers Remix)
Trance AtlanticMeat Beat Manifesto1995Simulacra Part 1
Survival 2000Meat Beat Manifesto1995Simulacra Part 2

(overlapping songs have been omitted)

Collaborations & Production

Hiss & BuzzJack Dangers Meets Dubloner200512"
Drums of DeathDJ Spooky & Dave Lombardo2005CD
The Weird Wide World ofHenry Jacobs2005CD/DVD
Battersea ShieldThe Orb vs. Meat Beat Manifesto200412"/CDEP
Tino's Breaks Vol. 6 - Hallowe'enTino2002LPx2/CD
TracksBomb the Bass200112"
Hello FriendsVarious2001CD
Tino's Breaks Vol. 5 - DubTino2000LP/CD
Tino's Breaks Vol. 4 - MamboTino2000LP/CD
Tino's Breaks Vol. 3 - ChristmasTino199912"
Tino's Breaks Vol. 1 & 2Tino1998LPx2/CD
He Got GamePublic Enemy1998LPx2/CD
Telecommunication BreakdownEmergency Broadcast Network1995CD/CS
Business of PunishmentConsolidated1994LPx2/CD
Play More MusicConsolidated1992CD/CS
Hypocricy is the Greatest LuxuryDisposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy1991CD/CS
Friendly Fa$cismConsolidated1991CD/CS


Release TitleArtistYearSong
Our TruthLacuna Coil2006Our Truth (Jack Dangers Mix)
Remixed: Abstract BeatsTwilight Circus Dub Soundsystem2004Highway
What Is Hip?Tower of Power2004What Is Hip (T.O.P.R.M.X.)
All For Nothin'Spontaneous Human Combustion2004All For Nothin'
Meat Beat Manifesto RemixesDJ Wally2004Travelogue 1
Meat Beat Manifesto RemixesDJ Wally2004Travelogue 2
IkebanaMerzbow2003Available Memory
Steady RockingRomanowski2003Speaking Of (Jack Dangers Mix)
SubmarineCranes2002Submarine (Jack Dangers Mix)
Music for SwingersFreddy Fresh2002Party Right (All Terrain Mountain Mix)
Pro.File 1Various2002Various
House of God 10th Anniversary MixesDHS2000House of God
How Much Reality Can You Take?Banco de Gaia2000How Much Reality Can You Take? (Mysterious Drum Mix)
Electro Lounge: Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fi StereoElmer Bernstein1999Staccato's Theme (Happening At Waldo's Mix)
Cetch Da MonkeyAtomic Babes1999Cetch Da Monkey (Sonology Instrumental Mix)
SuperlinguaMickey Hart1998Yabu (Transmigration #1)
SuperlinguaMickey Hart1998Yabu (Transmigration #2)
RearrangeGod Lives Underwater1998Rearrange (Example 2)
The Chemistry SetGlobo1998Breakdown (Mixed by Jack Dangers)
7 IgnitionsBoom Boom Satellites19984 a Moment of Silence (Trapezoid Mix)
SpawnAir and Audio Active1998Everyting, or Everyone and Everything, or Peace (Dis Way Mix)
PistelPistel1997Skin Up, Rolled Material (Jack Dangers mix)
The Perfect DrugNine Inch Nails1997The Perfect Drug (Meat Beat Manifesto remix)
King of New YorkFun Lovin' Criminals1997King of New York (Complex #1)
King of New YorkFun Lovin' Criminals1997King of New York (Complex #2)
StargazerDeep Sky1997Stargazer (Tuff Mix)
DeconstructedBush1997Insect Kin (unreleased mix)
DeconstructedBush1997Insect Kin (Drum and Bees mix)
Kissing the SunThe Young Gods1996Kissing the Sun (Babylon By the Bay mix)
HelloState of Grace1996Hello (Transition)
HelloState of Grace1996Hello (Procession Dub)
Off-Beat 12"Laika1996Looking for the Jackalope (236 Remix)
Into Topological SpaceGlobo1996Truly Independent (Jack Dangers Mix)
Narcotic InfluenceEmpirion1996Narcotic Influence (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
EllipsisScorn1995Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto remix)
HandjobGrotus1995Ebola Reston (Meat Beat Mix)
Status QuoPapa Brittle1994Status Quo (Westminster Dub)
Status QuoPapa Brittle1994Status Quo (MBM Political Psychosis Mix)
Status QuoPapa Brittle1994Status Quo (MBM Political Psychosis MJ Edit)
Closer To GodNine Inch Nails1994Closer (Deviation)
This Is FascismConsolidated1994This Is Fascism (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
Back in the BoxDavid Byrne1994Back in the Box (Gut Reaction mix)
Back in the BoxDavid Byrne1994Back in the Box (Contemporary Hermit mix)
Butyric AcidConsolidated1994Butyric Acid (Oblomov Syndrome mix)
Butyric AcidConsolidated1994Butyric Acid (Synthenge mix)
Butyric AcidConsolidated1994Butyric Acid (Oblomov Syndrome instrumental)
OneBigod 201994One (The Jack Dangers Instrumental)
OneBigod 201994One (Jack Dangers Full On Mix)
Butterfly WingsMachines of Loving Grace1993Butterfly Wings (Sins of Obsession mix)
Butterfly WingsMachines of Loving Grace1993Butterfly Wings (Sins of Obsession dub)
Ripened PeachEthyl Meatplow1993Ripened Peach (Jack Dangers vocal mix)
LSD3DDHS1993#9 Bad Acid (Jack Dangers remix)
CondemnationDepeche Mode1993Rush (Spiritual Guidance mix)
Black Tie/White NoiseDavid Bowie1993You've Been Around (Dangers Remix)
Black Tie/White NoiseDavid Bowie1993You've Been Around (Dangers Trance Mix)
Warning: Explicit LyricsYeastie Girls1993You Suck (Jack Dangers Mix)
Warning: Explicit LyricsConsolidated1993Unity of Oppression (Club Mix)
Pallas AthenaDavid Bowie1993Pallas Athena (untitled remix 2)
Pallas AthenaDavid Bowie1993Pallas Athena (untitled remix 1)
Jump They SayDavid Bowie1993Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying mix)
Ebeneezer GoodeThe Shamen1992Ebeneezer Goode (MBM Instrumental)
Ebeneezer GoodeThe Shamen1992Ebeneezer Goode (MBM Vocal)
MutationsOrbital1992Oolaa (Meat Beat Manifesto Mutation)
Only Losers Take the BusThe Fatima Mansions1992Only Losers Take the Bus (Dangers Mix)
Tool and DieConsolidated1992Tool and Die (version 1)
Tool and DieConsolidated1992Tool and Die (version 2)
Killer Inside MeMC 900 Ft Jesus1991Killer Inside Me (Meat Beat Manifestation #1)
Killer Inside MeMC 900 Ft Jesus1991Killer Inside Me (Meat Beat Manifestation #2)
ForestryDavid Byrne1991Ava (Nu Wage mix)
ForestryDavid Byrne1991Nineveh (Industrial mix)
The SnowCoil1991The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)
The SnowCoil1991The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)
HyperrealThe Shamen1990Hypperreal Selector
HyperrealThe Shamen1990Hypperreal Dirtiest Dub
HyperrealThe Shamen1990Hypperreal (Dirty Dubbing)


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