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The entire discography archives from the previous incarnations of this Web site are all now linked from here including Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, and Chris Watson-related projects. The table can be sorted by any column category in both ascending and descending order. Sound samples, music videos, links to iTunes are all contained within each individual entry. By default, items are listed in reverse chronological order (newest first).

Albums and Singles

Orchestra TerrestrialUmladen2011dig
Richard H. KirkReality Is Opposite2011dig
Richard H. Kirk & the Arpeggio 13Anonymized2011dig
Ku-Ling Brothers Creach (remaster/expanded)2011CD 
Cabaret VoltaireJohnny Yesno Redux2011CDx2+DVDx2
SandozAcid Editions (303 Excursions)2009dig
Richard H. KirkSonic Reflections (Unreleased Soundtrack Project 1994)2009dig
Dollars and CentsUnabridged Soundtrack to Future Movie2009dig
Richard H. KirkNeuroscience2008dig
Vasco de MentoBurning the Words (part two)2007dig
Vasco de MentoBurning the Words (part one)2007dig
Chris Watson & BJ NilsenStorm 2006CD
SandozIn Dub: Chapter Two/Extra Time (Under The Stones)2006dig
Electronic EyeAutoshark EP2006dig
Electronic EyeAutoshark2006dig
Richard H. KirkEntering Valhalla, Vol. 2: Virtual Lite2006dig
[V/A]Entering Valhalla, Vol. 1: With Bass Drum And Electronic Sounds2006dig
Chris WatsonAlcedo Volcano 2006dig
Chris WatsonSiren2006CD
SandozLive In The Earth: Sandoz In Dub, Chapter 22006CD/LPx2
Richard H. KirkFear [No Evil]200612"
Richard H. KirkExpreso_Elektro_Congo (Intone Unreleased Projects, Vol. 4: 2003-2005)2005dig
Chris WatsonNumber One 2005CD
Bit CrackleAfro Digital2005dig
BlacworldSubduing Demons (In South Yorkshire) Part 22005CDAn exercise in sonic meditation
Chris WatsonThe Galapagos Islands - An Audio Diary 2005
BioChemical DreadFalse Kings Of The Earth 200412"
Richard H. KirkDetonate (Reworks EP)200412"
Richard H. KirkEarlier/Later2004CDx2Unreleased Projects Anthology 74/89
Richard H. Kirk Meets the Truck Bombers of SuburbiaUptown feat. Pat Riot Vol. 12004CD
SandozReturn to the Heart of Darkness (Reworks EP)200412"
SandozDigital Lifeforms (Redux)2004CDx2features a bonus disc of unreleased material
V/AUnreleased Projects Vol. 32004CDIntone Unreleased Projects 1995/1997
V/AUnreleased Projects Vol. 22004CDIntone Unreleased Projects 1995/1997
BioChemical DreadBush Doctrine2003CD
Richard H. KirkThe War Against Terror (TWAT v4.0)2003CD
V/AUnreleased Projects Vol. 12003CDIntone Unreleased Projects 1996/2000
Chris WatsonWeather Report2003
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Hacienda '83/'862002CDx2 
Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag200212" 
Cabaret VoltaireYashar200212" 
Cabaret VoltaireMethodology '74-'76 Attic Tapes Box2002CDx3 
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Hacienda '83/'862002DVDCherry Red
Richard H. KirkNag Nag Nag (Reworks)200212"Remixes
SandozKing Dread / Higher Than That200212"
SandozScientific Exploitation200212"
Cabaret VoltaireJust Fascination / Sex, Money, Freaks200112" 
Cabaret VoltaireRemixed2001CD 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Original Sound of Sheffield '78 / '82 Best of;2001CD 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Original Sound of Sheffield '83 / '87 Best of;2001CD 
Cabaret VoltaireConform to Deform '82-'90 Archive Box2001CDx3 
Digital Terrestrial Aural Illusions 200112"500 copies made
Orchestra TerrestrialHere and Elsewhere2001CD
Sassi & Loco Boom Claat 2001CD 
Ku-Ling Brothers Space Junk / Octagon Head 20017"limited to 100 copies
BlacworldSubduing Demons (In South Yorkshire)2000CD
Electronic EyeNeurometrik2000CD
Richard H. KirkLoop Static [Amine ? Ring Modulations]2000CD
Richard H. KirkLoop Static [Amine ? Ring Modulations]200012"
Ku-Ling Brothers Systematic Hipster200012" 
Ku-Ling Brothers Eat The Rich 200?CDku-ling remixes
Al JabrOne Million and Three1999CD
Richard H. KirkDarkness at Noon1999CD
Ku-Ling Brothers Creach1999CD 
Cabaret VoltaireRadiation (The BBC Recordings '84-'86)1998CD 
TrafficanteIs This Now?1998CD
SandozChant to Jah1998CD/LPx2
Richard H. KirkKnowledge Through Science1998CD
Ku-Ling Brothers Coolin' Brothers 1998CDpromo only
Chris WatsonOutside the Circle of Fire1998
Dark MagusNight Watchman1997CD
SandozGod Bless the Conspiracy1997CD
Ku-Ling Brothers Cap it Full 1997
Sassi & Loco Bibleopoly1997CDS 
Sassi & Loco Reservoir Dubs 1997CD 
Chemical Agent Waterfall199612" 
Cold Warrior Yellow Square 199612" 
International Organisation Shooting Stars 199612" 
Richard H. KirkAgents with False Memories1996CD
Robots + Humanoids Indigo Octagon 199612" 
SandozDark Continent1996CD
V/AAlphaphone vol. 1 - Step Write Run1996CDx2
Chris WatsonStepping Into the Dark1996
Richard H. KirkThe Number of Magic1995LP/CD
Multiple Transmission Earthloop199512" 
Papadoctrine Flesh Hunter 199512" 
Electronic EyeThe Idea of Justice1995LPx2/CD
SandozEvery Man Got Dreaming199512"x2/CD
Cabaret VoltaireThe Conversation199412"x4/CDx2 
Sweet ExorcistSpirit Guide to Low Tech1994LP/CD
SandozIntensely Radioactive1994LP/CD
Electronic EyeClosed Circuit199412"x4/CDx2
Richard H. KirkVirtual State1994LP/CD/CS
Cabaret VoltaireInternational Language1993LPx2/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireBack in the Front of your Head1993EP 
SandozDigital Lifeforms199312"500 copies made
SandozChocolate Machine 199312"500 copies made
SandozDigital Lifeforms1993CD
Cabaret VoltairePlasticity1992LPx2/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireTechnology: Western Re-Works 19921992LPx2/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireI Want / You Kino199212"/CDS 
Cabaret VoltairePlasticity1992VHSunreleased
SandozArmed Response199212"500 copies made
Cabaret VoltaireColours1991EP/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireBody and Soul1991LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireWhat is Real?199112"/CDS 
Cabaret VoltairePercussion Force1991EP/CDS 
Cabaret VoltaireCV Box 1: Voice of America / Red Mecca / Mix-Up1991CDx3japan
Cabaret VoltaireCV Box 2: Three Mantras / 2x45 / Johnny Yesno1991CDx3japan
Cabaret VoltaireCV Box 3: Listen-Up / DV Presents / Discography1991CDx2+VHS+Bookjapan unconfirmed
Cabaret VoltaireCV Box 4: Living Legends / Yesno / Biography1991CDx2+VHS+Bookjapan unconfirmed
Cabaret VoltaireCV Box 5: Live YMCA / Hai! / Lyceum / Pressure Co.19914xCDjapan unconfirmed
Sweet Exorcist Popcone199112" 
XonThe Mood Set199112" 
Cabaret VoltaireGroovy, Laidback and Nasty1990LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireGroovy, Laidback and Nasty EP1990EPlimited edition
Cabaret VoltaireKeep On19907"/12"/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireKeep On (Sweet Exorcist Mix)199012" 
Cabaret VoltaireEasy Life19907"/12"/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireEasy Life (Vocal/Strange/Very Strange)199012" 
Cabaret VoltaireListen-Up with Cabaret Voltaire1990LPx2/CDx2/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Living Legends1990LP/CD/CS 
Sweet Exorcist Testone19907"/12" 
Sweet Exorcist Testone Remixes 199012" 
Sweet Exorcist Clonk199012" 
Sweet Exorcist Per Clonk (Remix)199012" 
Sweet Exorcist C.C.E.P.199012"/CD
Cabaret VoltaireHypnotised19897"/12"/CDS 
Cabaret VoltaireHypnotised (A Guy Called Gerald)198912" 
Cabaret VoltaireEight Crepuscule Tracks 1988CD 
Peter Hope and Richard H. Kirk Surgeons / N.O.19887"/12" 
Wicky Wacky Let's Get Down198812"promo only
Love Street Galaxy19887"/12" 
Love Street Galaxy (Remix)198812" 
Cabaret VoltaireChapter One1987LP350 copies made
Cabaret VoltaireDon't Argue19877"/12"/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireDon't Argue (Dance)198712" 
Cabaret VoltaireCode1987LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireHere to Go19877"/12"/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireHere to Go (Live Drum Jacknife)198712" 
Cabaret VoltaireHere To Go / Don't Argue198712"promotional release
Cabaret VoltaireThe Golden Moments of Cabaret Voltaire1987CD 
Cabaret VoltaireChapter One1987LP350 copies made
Peter Hope and Richard H. KirkHoodoo Talk1987LP/CD
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain Train198612" 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain Train (Bonus Promo)198612" 
Richard H. KirkUgly Spirit1986LP/CD/CS
Richard H. KirkBlack Jesus Voice1986LP/CD
Richard H. Kirk Hipnotic198612" 
Cabaret VoltaireDrinking Gasoline198512"x2/CDEP/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireKino / Big Funk19857"500 copies made
Cabaret VoltaireThe Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord1985LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireI Want You19857"/12" 
Cabaret VoltaireGasoline in your Eyes1985VHS 
Peter Hope and Richard H. Kirk Leather Hands 198512" 
Stephen MallinderPow Wow Plus 1985LP/CD
Cabaret VoltaireMicro-Phonies1984LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireSensoria19847"/12" 
Cabaret VoltaireJames Brown19847"/12" 
Cabaret VoltaireJohnny Yesno: Original Soundtrack Recording1983LP/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Crackdown1983LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Crackdown Bonus EP1983EP 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Crackdown / Just Fascination19837"/12" 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Dream Ticket 19837"/12" 
Cabaret VoltaireJohnny Yesno1983VHSa film by Peter Care
Richard H. KirkTime High Fiction1983LPx2/CDx2
Cabaret VoltaireFool's Game198212" 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Pressure Company: Live in Sheffield 19791982LP/CD/CS under pseudonym
Cabaret Voltaire2x45198212"x2/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireYashar198212" 
Cabaret VoltaireHai!1982LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireDoublevision Presents Cabaret Voltaire1982VHS/DVD 
Stephen Mallinder Pow Wow 1982LP
Cabaret VoltaireSeconds Too Late19817" 
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Lyceum1981LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireThree Crepuscule Tracks1981EP 
Cabaret VoltaireRed Mecca1981LP/CD 
Cabaret Voltaire[Untitled Demo]1981CSunconfirmed
Cabaret VoltaireEddie's Out / Burnt to the Ground198112" 
Cabaret VoltaireJazz the Glass / Burnt to the Ground19817" 
Stephen Mallinder Temperature Drop198112" 
Cabaret Voltaire1974-19761980CS/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireSilent Command19807" 
Cabaret VoltaireLive at Y.M.C.A. 27.10.791980LP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireThree Mantras1980EP/CD/CS 
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice of America1980LP/CD 
Cabaret VoltaireFinal Solution1980CDbootleg
Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag19797"/12"/CDS 
Cabaret VoltaireDance Decayed / Dance Decade1979CS 
Cabaret VoltaireWestern Works Demos 1976-19791979CS 
Cabaret VoltaireMix-Up1979LP 
Cabaret VoltaireChance vs. Casuality [Soundtrack]1979CS 
Richard H. KirkDisposable Half Truths1979CS/CD
Cabaret VoltaireExtended Play19787" 
Cabaret Voltaire[Limited Edition Cassette]1976CS 25 copies made
Cabaret VoltaireThe Outer Limits [Demo]1976CS 
Richard H. Kirk Viet Song 1976CS20 min soundboard recording
Cabaret Voltaire[Edingburgh Film Festival Installation]1975Installation 

Compilation Appearances

Chris Watson Evening At Room402006CDRunway O2E
Chris Watson Touch 252006CDConversations
Oujela Mine
Cabaret VoltaireDJ-Kicks: Four Tet2006CDKneel To The Boss
Richard H. Kirk D-Side #26 2005CDBring It Down / Crashing Around
Biochemical Dread re:CORD 2005CD+DVDI Got Weapons
SandozWorld Dub Pastry Sampler200512"Spiritual Vibe
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Optimo Present Psyche Out2005CDMad Jack
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)The Very Best Of Back To The Old Skool2005CDx3Testone
Cabaret VoltaireBeyond Punk!2005CDSilent Command
Cabaret VoltaireThe Remixes Vol. 5: FranÁois Kevorkian2005CDSex, Money, Freaks (FranÁois Kevorkian Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireUmbrella's Under The Sun2005DVDSluggin' Fer Jesus (Part 1)
Pat RiotThe Electronic Bible 20047"Who's Afraid (Of The Red White And Blue)
Pat RiotThe Electronic Bible Chapter 1 2004CDWho's Afraid (Of The Red White And Blue)
SandozWorld Dub Pastry 2004CDSpiritual Vibe
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Ivan Smagghe Presents Death Disco200412"x2/CDTest Four (Black Strobe Re-Edit)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Anthems Of Old Skool2004CDx3Testone
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warpvision: The Videos 1989-20042004DVD+CD/DVDTestone
Clonk (Freebase)
Chris Watson Haunted Weather2004CDx2Vatnaj�kull
Chris Watson Melatonin2004CDx2Warrigal Night
Cabaret VoltaireDeath Disco2004CDYashar (John Robie Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireEngland's Dreaming2004LPx2The Set Up
Cabaret VoltaireID&T Techno .032004CDx2Yashar (Alter Ego Remix)
Cabaret VoltairePaul Haig - Then Again2004CDThe Executioner
Wicky WackyNirvana Lounge 03 2003CDx2Strings Devotion
Ku-Ling Brothers Sunkissed 2003CDTime
Ku-Ling Brothers West Koast Kooler 2003CDChe Guevara
Evolution Of A Dope Fiend (Dual Control Mix)
Rock To The Rhythm
Sassi & Loco West Koast Kooler 2003CDOrange Street
Chris Watson Spire - Organ Works2003CDx2Askam Wind Cluster
Chris Watson Touch 4our2003CDUnidentified Pair Of Birds
Cabaret Voltaire2 CD's & MP3's2003CDEx2Nag Nag Nag (Akufen's Karaoke Slam Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireColette no. 52003CDx2Seconds Too Late
Cabaret VoltaireDisco Pogo For Punks In Pumps Vol. 62003CDNag Nag Nag (Akufen's Karaoke Slam Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireFriend Of Mute Spring 20032003CDYashar (The All Seeing I Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag2003CDx2Nag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireRough Trade Shops - Counter Culture2003CDx2Nag Nag Nag (Akufen's Karaoke Slam Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireStammheim Presents Heimfidelity 62003CDYashar (Alter Ego Remix)
Cabaret Voltaire[Frequencies]*2003CDENag Nag Nag (Tiga & Zyntherius Full Version)
Wicky WackyUndiscovered Aspects 1 2002CDx2Strings Devotion
Ku-Ling Brothers Brain In The Wire 2002CDx3The Apollo Creed
Sassi & Loco A Higher Sound 3 2002CDx2Tommy Roberts
Chris Watson KREV X 2002CDx2Beyond Ol Tokai Pt.1 & 2
Chris Watson Star Switch On 2002CDCassarina
Cabaret VoltaireFriend Of Mute "EVIDENCE" Fall 20022002CDNag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireMachines & Noise (Volume 1)2002CDDoom Zoom
Cabaret VoltaireThe Wire 20 1982 - 2002: Audio Issue2002CDx3Breathe Deep
Richard H. Kirk MGRS RMXS 2001LPx2/MP3Volare (Comme Ça)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Back To The Old SKool 22001CDx2Testone
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Rave Nation2001CDx2Testone
Chris Watson Ringtones 2001CDVarious
Cabaret VoltaireIn the Beginning There Was Rythm2001LPx2/CDSluggin' Fer Jesus
Cabaret VoltaireRough Trade Shops - 25 Years2001CDx4Nag Nag Nag
Richard H. Kirk Touch 00 2000CDEntering Valhalla Without a Laptop
Ku-Ling Brothers Dope on Plastic! 7 2000LPx3/CDx2/CDEvolution of a Dope Fiend
Ku-Ling Brothers Kiss: Sounds Of Australia 2000CDEvolution of a Dope Fiend
Chris Watson Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2000 2000CDElephants
Chris Watson Touch 00 2000CDFriday the 13th
A Celebration
A Blessing
Cabaret VoltaireDawn Of Electronica | Uncut 2000CDYashar (Remodelled by John Robie)
Cabaret VoltaireDigital Empire: Techno Anthems2000CDColours
Cabaret VoltaireIndustrial: Music Of The Shadows Vol.32000CDLandslide
Cabaret VoltaireMachine Soul2000CDx2Yashar
Cabaret VoltairePop @ Planet Earth2000CDx2Keep On (Land Of Oz Mix)
Sassi & Loco Eat The Rich 200?CDOpiate & Oil (Ku-ling Bros Remix)
SandozFutura Connect 1999CDx2[unidentified track]
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Trax Sampler1999CDTestone
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warp Sampler1999CDTestone
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warp 10+2 Classics 89-92199912"x4/CDx2Testone
Clonk (Freebass)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warp 10+3 Remixes (Promo)199912"Testone (Wilston & Ross Mix)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warp 10+3 Remixes1999LPx4/CDx2Testone (Oily Bag Mix)
Mad Jack (Jimi Tenor Remix)
Ku-Ling BrothersMix Up Presents Tweek 1999CDSpace Junk
Cabaret VoltaireAlternator One1999CDx2Dressed to Kill
Cabaret VoltaireDressed In Black1999CDx2Nag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireIndustrial Strength Machine Music1999CDNag Nag Nag
SandozYour Summer Recordings1998CDrKing Dread
Sassi & Loco Cooking with Gas 1998CDAway Away
Ku-Ling Brothers Evolutionary Vibes III: The Evolution Will Not Be Televised 1998CDOctagon Head
Ku-Ling BrothersCooking with Gas 1998CDTo Rock With The Rythm
Chris Watson Touch.Sampler 3 1998CDOut of Our Sight
Demonic Laughter
Chris Watson Your Summer Recordings 1998CDrA Cheetah, Waitng
Elephants, Sleeping
Robots + Humanoids Mr. Modo's Lunchtime Legends Vol. 21997CDRobot
Richard H. Kirk Untitled Story: The Slow Room1997VHSThe Number Of Magic
Richard H. Kirk Untitled Story: The Slow Room1997CDThe Number Of Magic
Sassi & Loco Trance Pacific Express 1997CDx2Lost Loco
Sassi & Loco Late Night Boulevard: Chilled Out Tunes for a Cafe Culture 1997CDOrange Street
Sassi & Loco Elements: The Chemistry of Mutating Beats 1997CDx2Bibleopoly (Main Mix)
Sassi & Loco Sunblock1997CDBibleopoly
Sassi & Loco Let it Beat 1997CDBibleopoly
Ku-Ling Brothers Evolutionary Vibes II: The Evolution Continues1997CDCap it Full
Cabaret VoltaireIndustrial Virus (Box Set)1997CDx3Doom Zoom
Cabaret VoltaireExclusive Alternatives1997CDDoom Zoom
Cabaret VoltaireMade in Sheffield1997CDFlesh of God
Cabaret VoltaireOcean Of Sound1997CDx2Landslide
Richard H. Kirk TEXtures1996CDx2/2xCSOneski (Alex Paterson Mix)
Cold Warrior Touch.Sampler 21996CDYellow Square
Cold Warrior Kudos Digest: Issue C (Is for Cherries)1996CDWalk East (Remix)
NitrogenFuture Music Magazine1996CDSilicon Bone Gun
SandozTouch.Sampler 11996CDOrgasmatron
SandozSerenity Dub 3.1: Organic Technology1996CDMorning Star (Dub Mix)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot) Blech (Wax Edition)1996CSClonk (Freebass)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Touch.Sampler 11996CDGhettoes of the Mind
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)The History Of Techno1996CDx4Testfour
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Warp Classics1996CDTestfour
Chris Watson A Fault in the Nothing 1996CDx2Tarbet Gulley
Chris Watson Touch.Sampler 11996CDMara River at Night
Chris Watson Touch.Sampler 2 1996CDGuanacaste
The Musiara Gate
Cabaret VoltaireR & S AMbient Classics 1996CDThe Heat
Cabaret VoltaireJet Set1996CDExterminating Angel
Electronic Eye Ambient Dub Volume Four: Jellyfish1995CDWhite Darkness (Electronic Eye Remix)
Electronic Eye State of the Art Volume 41995CDHotwire
SandozAmbient Dub Volume Four: Jellyfish1995CDWhite Darkness (Electronic Eye Remix)
Richard H. Kirk Totally Loved Up1995CDx2Oneski
Richard H. Kirk Blech1995CSWorld War Three
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot) Blech1995CSClonk (Freebass)
Cabaret VoltaireJust Can't Get Enough Vol. 121995CDSensoria
Cabaret VoltaireMute Bank Compilation1995CDx2Nag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireWasted: The Best-Of Volume Part 11995CDx2Low Cool (Remix)
Richard H. Kirk Afterburn: Wax Trax! 94 and Beyond1994CDCome
Richard H. Kirk Artificial Intelligence II1994LPx2/CDx2Reality Net
Richard H. Kirk Artificial Intelligence II: (Motion)1994VHSReality Net
Richard H. Kirk State of the Art Volume 21994CDFreezone
Richard H. Kirk Warp Sampler: 19941994CDFrequency Band
Peter Hope and Richard H. KirkBlack Box: The First Thirteen Years1994CDx3Box/CDx3Cop Out
SandozTypes: A Kudos Sampler1994LPx2/CDIntelligence
SandozEthnotechno: Sonic Anthropology199412"x2/CD/CSLimbo
SandozOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)1994LPx2/CDBeam
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Mixmag Live! Vol. 181994CDTestone
Cabaret VoltairePlug In and Turn On1994CDx2Low Cool
Cabaret VoltaireChillout Phase Two1994CDx2Project 80 (Extract 1)
Cabaret VoltairePlug In and Turn On X.21994CDx2Exterminating Angel
Cabaret VoltaireTrancefusion 21994CNeuron Factory
Richard H. Kirk Trance Europe Express Volume 21993LPx4/CDx2/CSx2Oneski
SandozNew Electronica: Global Technological Innovations1993LPx2/CD/CSOcean Reflection
SandozNarcosis1993LPx2/CDx2White Darkness
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Aural Ecstacy - The Best Of Techno1993CDTestfour
Cabaret VoltaireCash Cow: The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems1993CDRide Baby Ride
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid 9th Anniversary Box Set1993CDx10Kickback (Razormaid Mix)
Hypnotized (Razormaid Mix)
Keep On (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireThe Best Of New Wave Club Class-X1993CDx2Nag Nag Nag
XonTechnorave �: Trance Atlantic ...1992LP/CDDissonance
Cabaret VoltaireGridlock! 5199212"x2/CDSmooth Smooth (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Cabaret VoltaireNew Wave Club Class-X 31992CDNag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid 7th Anniversary Box Set1992CDx7Don't Argue (Razormaid Mix)
Sensoria (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltairePure Devotion1992LPx2/CDNo Name, No Slogan (Acid Horse)
Cabaret VoltaireThe Indie Scene 801992CDSilent Command
Cabaret VoltaireTechnopolis Vol. 21992CDSensoria / Don't Argue (Razormaid Combi-Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireVolume 51992CDLow Cool (Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireViva Eight!1992CDx2/2xCSPlasticity 6 (Live at London's Town & Country Club 06/09/'92
Invisible Generation (Live at London's Town & Country Club 06/09/'92)
Cabaret VoltaireThe Indie Scene 831992CDYashar (Remodelled by John Robie)
Cabaret VoltaireTechnopolis Vol. 81992CDKeep On (Razormaid Mix)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove1991LP/CD/CSTestfour
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot)Phuture Trax - Stage One1991CDClonk (Freebass)
XonJanuary 91 - Three 1991LPMidnight Express
XonThin Ice - The First Step 1991LPx2/CDx2/CSx2Midnight Express
Cabaret VoltaireMoving Soundtracks1991CDTheme from Shaft
Cabaret VoltairePalatine: The Factory Story1991LPx4/4xCDYashar (Remodelled by John Robie)
Cabaret VoltaireTyranny of the Beat1991CD+VHSAutomotivation
Trust In The Lord
Cabaret VoltaireFunky Alternatives: 18 Exclusive Techno Remixes1991CSDoom Zoom
Cabaret VoltaireThe Indie Scene 791991CDNag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireTonal Evidence (USA)1991CDYashar (John Robie Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireThe Reel (Volume 4) 1991VHSColours
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot) Skin Beat 1990LPx2/CSx2/CDx2Testone
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot) April 90 - Mixes 1 199012"Testone (Mike Gray Remix)
Sweet Exorcist (RHK and DJ Parrot) The 1990 Mixmag / Kiss FM Mastermixes 1990CDTest 4
XonBiorythm 2 1990LPx2/CD/CSDissonance
XonThe Network Collection1990CDx4Dissonance
Cabaret VoltaireR-5 1990CDHypnotised (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireRythm Stick1990LPx2Keep On
Cabaret VoltaireCycle 2 / Sector 1 199012"x2Keep On (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireM-6 1990CDKeep On (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireHow Slow Can You Go? Volume 8199012"x2/CDRunaway (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Cabaret VoltaireThis Is Only a Test #91990?x12/CDRunaway (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireThis Is Only a Test #161990?x12Runaway (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireThis Is Only a Test #181990?x12"Easy Life (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireCycle 1 / Sector 3 198912"x2Hypnotised (Razormaid Mix)
SandozAcid Amigo1988LPx2/CD/CSI Can't Take The Heartbreak
Stephen Mallinder 'Til Things Are Brighter: A Tribute to Johnny Cash 1988LP/CD/CSI Walk the Line
The Hafler TrioQ.E.D. NL Centrum 1988LPx2+7/CDRestimulation
Cabaret VoltaireMinutes to Go: Homage to William S. Burroughs1988LP/CDBaader Meinhof
Cabaret VoltaireIndie City19882xCSNag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireSalvation! Soundtrack1988LP/CDTwanky Party
Jesus Saves
Cabaret VoltaireRemixed Records 17198812"x2Here To Go (Emil Hellman Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireRemixed Records 18198812"x2Don't Argue (Stonebride Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireHi-Voltage1987CSBaader Meinhof
Cabaret VoltaireRythm & Noise 1987CSSeconds Too Late
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid 3rd Anniversary 19872x12Sensoria (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid Chapter R-1519872x12Don't Argue (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireFunky Alternatives 2 1987LP/CDDoom Zoom
Cabaret VoltaireState of Excitement1986LPSluggin' Fer Jesus
Agent Man
Cabaret VoltaireRitual: The Magnetic North1986CS+BookDiffusion
Cabaret VoltaireSpools Gold1985CSThe Web (Remix)
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid Anniversary 5.5 1985LPx3Kickback (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireIf You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your Soul1985LP/CDProduct Patrol
Cabaret VoltaireA Diamond in the Mouth of a Corpse1985LPDead Man's Shoes
Cabaret VoltaireCoincidence vs. Fate1984LPx2Sluggin' Fer Jesus
Cabaret VoltaireThe Industrial Records Story1984LPSunday Night in Biot
Cabaret VoltaireRequiem1984CDVoice of America
Damage Is Done
Cabaret VoltaireFactory Benelux Greatest Hits1984LPYashar (Remodelled by John Robie)
Cabaret VoltaireTV-Wipeout1984VHSDoublevision
Just Fascination
Lost Possibilities and Modern Dreams
Cabaret VoltaireMegamix Vol. 21984LPx2Sensoria (Extended Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireRazormaid 4: Pressing The Vinyl198412"x2Sensoria
Cabaret VoltaireDisco Mix Club Nov. '84 Remixes1984LP"unknown track"
Cabaret VoltaireRaging Spool1984CSMercy Man
Cabaret VoltaireRough Trade Deutschland Compilation1983LPYashar
Cabaret VoltaireMad Mix II1983CSWhy Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
Stephen Mallinder The Last Testament1982LPDel Sol
Cabaret VoltaireNow Society's Greatest Hits Vol. 11982CSOh Roger (Live 26/06/78)
Cabaret VoltaireRough Trade Compilation 1982LPJazz the Glass
Cabaret VoltaireMasterBag issue #14 July 221982flexiGut Level (Live at Liverpool Warehouse)
Cabaret VoltaireVinyl Magazine #13 1982flexiOver and Over
Cabaret VoltaireDokument 1982LPOver and Over
Cabaret VoltaireMighty Reel1982CSLoosen the Clamp
Cabaret VoltaireA Factory Video1982VHSNo Escape
Richard H. Kirk The Men with Deadly Dreams1981CS"unknown track"
Stephen Mallinder Morrocci Klung! 1981CSCool Down (Extract)
Chris Watson The Men with the Deadly Dreams 1981CS"unknown track"
Cabaret VoltaireLiverpool Northern Lights Issue One1981CSLive at Plato's Ballroom (25/02/1981)
Cabaret VoltaireA Day in October1981LPYour Agent Man
Cabaret VoltaireRough Trade Records Compilation1981LPSeconds too Late
Cabaret VoltaireNME / Rough Trade 1981CSRaising the Count
Cabaret VoltaireChantons Noel: Ghosts of Christmas Past1981LP/CDInvocation
Cabaret VoltaireMorroci Klung!1981CSInterview
Cabaret VoltaireMorroci Klung!1981CSInterview over Eddie's Out
Cabaret VoltaireFetish Nite Out Historic '81 Live1981VHS[unknown tracks]
Cabaret VoltairePsst! Wanna Buy a Bridge?1980LPNag Nag Nag
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Now Society1980CSOh Roger (Live 26/06/78)
Cabaret VoltaireA Factory Complication1980VHSSluggin' Fer Jesus
No Escape
Cabaret VoltaireA Factory Sample19782x7

Baader Meinhof
Sex in Secret

Cabaret VoltaireBusiness Unusal1978LPDo the Mussolini (Headkick)
Richard H. Kirk State of the Art: Part 1 & 219??CDFreezone
Electronic Eye State of the Art: Part 3 & 419??CDHotwire
V/ARareKirk19??CDrx2many different tracks
Cabaret VoltaireTechnopolis Vol. 1219??CDKickback (Razormaid Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireRareKirk19??CDrx2Low Cool (Remix)
Keep On (Sweet Exorcist Mix)
Cabaret VoltaireIt's Clean, But it Just Looks Dirty19??VHSTrust in the Lord

Guest Appearances and Production

Anne Garner Remaking The Pearl2005CDremix by Richard H. Kirk
Eric Random Subliminal 1980-19822005CDx2production/bass by Stephen Mallinder
Ryukyu Underground Ryukyu Remixed2004CDx2remix by Richard H. Kirk
V/A The Electronic Bible Chapter 12004CDwritten by and production by Richard H. Kirk
Acid HorseMinistry - Side Trax2004CDfeaturing CV
UltramarineCompanion 2003CDremix by Richard H. Kirk
HazardLand2002features Chris Watson
Cabaret Voltaire Remixed 2001CDremix by Richard H. Kirk
Sassi & Loco Boom Claat 2001CDremix by Stephen Mallinder
Sassi & Loco Eat The Rich 200?CDremix by Stephen Mallinder
Count Zero Positive Nuisance 199O12"production? by Richard H. Kirk
Doctor Uggs Sucker199812"remix by Richard H. Kirk
It Concubia Nocte (Drop 7.1)1998CDremix by Richard H. Kirk
The Art of NoiseState Of The Art 1997Cx3Dremix by Richard H. Kirk
Wubble U Smoking Pot 199712"/CDSremix by Richard H. Kirk
Sneaker Pimps Six Underground 1997CDSadditional production and remix by Richard H. Kirk
Yummy Fur Life1997CDSproduction by Stephen Mallinder
Yummy Fur One of These Things Is Not Like the Other 1997CDproduction by Stephen Mallinder
Underground CircusI Am The King199612"remix by Richard H. Kirk
InertiaDub Grooves Breakbeat Acid Trance 1996CDremix by Stephen Mallinder
Six Mile High Homebaker199512"remix by Stephen Mallinder
Max Tausend The Jungle Plays Me Songs of Death 1995CDSfeaturing by Stephen Mallinder
UltramarineBarefoot199412"/CDS/CSremix by Richard H. Kirk
Acid HorseBlack Box: The First Thirteen Years1994CDx3Box/CDx3featuring CV
The Anti GroupAudiophile1993CDproduction, mixing by Richard H. Kirk
The Anti GroupAudiophile1993CDproduction, mixing by CV
SonexunoAlchemy199212"remix and production by Richard H. Kirk
UltramarineNightfall in Sweetleaf 199212"/CDSremix by Richard H. Kirk
Yellow Magic Orchestra Hi-Tech / No Crime 1992LP/CD/CSremix by Richard H. Kirk
Soft BalletAlter Ego 1992CDremix by CV
Count Zero Success 1991LP/CDproduction by Richard H. Kirk
The Art of NoiseThe Fon Mixes 199112"x2/CDremix by Richard H. Kirk
BananaramaTripping on your Love 199112"remix by Richard H. Kirk
ForgemastersThe Black Steel EP 199112"remix by Richard H. Kirk
V/A Hardbeat + Bassline 1991CDproduction by Richard H. Kirk
Pete Wylie & Wah! Infamy! or How I Didn't Get where I Am Today 1991LPfeaturing by Stephen Mallinder
Pete Wylie & Wah!Don't Lose your Dreams 199112"remix by CV
Cabaret Voltaire Keep On (Sweet Exorcist Remix) 199012"remix by Richard H. Kirk
Count Zero Silent >Prayer 199012"mixing and production by Richard H. Kirk
SuccessTripwire Acidbase199012"mixing and production? by Richard H. Kirk
Winston TongLike The Others1990CDfeaturing CV
SuccessTripwire198912"mixing and production by Richard H. Kirk
Acid HorseNo Name, No Slogan198912"/CDSfeaturing CV
Afrika Bambaataa & Family The Light 1988LP/CD/CSfeaturing by Stephen Mallinder
Paul HaigEuropean Sun1988LP/CDfeaturing CV
English Boy on the Loveranch The Man in your Life198712"remix by Richard H. Kirk
The Hafler TrioA Thirsty Fish1987features Chris Watson
WorkforceBack in the Good Books 198612production by Richard H. Kirk
The Anti GroupShT1986EPmixing and production by Richard H. Kirk
SeditionThe Mighty Device 198612production by Richard H. Kirk
The Hafler TrioBrain Song198612"/CDfeatures Chris Watson
The Hafler TrioThe Sea Org1986features Chris Watson
The Hafler TrioThree Ways of Saying Two- The Netherlands Lectures1986LPfeatures Chris Watson
Paul HaigThe Quick Neat Job1986CSfeaturing CV
The Box Muscle Out 1985LPmastering by Richard H. Kirk
HulaWalk on Stalks of Shattered Glass 198512thanks to by Richard H. Kirk
WorkforceSkin Scraped Back 198512"editing by Richard H. Kirk
The Hafler TrioSoundtrack to Alternation, Perception & Resistance- A Comprehension Exercise1985LP/CD
The Hafler TrioSeven Hours Sleep1985features Chris Watson
Marc Almond Love Letter198510remix by CV
Paul HaigExecutioner's Theme198512"featuring CV (unreleased)
T.A.G.C.Ha/Zulu198512"remix by CV
The Box Muscle In 1984EPengineering and production by Richard H. Kirk
The Box Muscle Mix 198412"remix by Richard H. Kirk
Six Sed Red Shake It Right 198412"bass overdubs by Stephen Mallinder
The Hafler TrioBANG!- An Open Letter1984LP/CDfeatures Chris Watson
ChakkOut of the Flesh 198412"recording by CV
Eric Random & The Bedlamites Mad as Mankind 198412"engineer, production by CV
23 SkidooThe Last Testament 1983LPproduction by Stephen Mallinder
The Box Secrets Out 1983LPvocals by Stephen Mallinder
Test Dept Compulsion198312"production by CV
HulaBlack Pop Workout 198212"engineer by Stephen Mallinder
Eric Random And The BedlamitesEarthbound Ghost Need1982LPfeaturing CV
U.V. PopJust A Game19827"production by CV
Eric Random Dow Chemical Company / Skin Deep 19817"featuring by Stephen Mallinder
Eric Random 23 Skidoo / Subliminal 19817"production by Stephen Mallinder
23 Skidoo Last Words / The Gospel Comes to New Guinea19817"/12"production by Stephen Mallinder
I Scream Brothers Five Miles to Midnight 198112"production by CV
Surface Mutants You Take Me Somewhere Strange1981EPengineer, production by CV
Eric Random That's what I Like about Me 198012"production by Stephen Mallinder
ClockDVAWhite Souls in Black Suits 1980CSfeaturing CV
New Order[untitled demo] 1980CSrecording by CV
I'm So Hollow 1980: The First Fifteen Minutes 19797"production by CV
They Must Be Russians They Must Be Russians19797"production by CV
Prams[unknown title]1979EPproduction by CV
ClockDVA [untitled demo]1979CSproduction by CV
ClockDVAFragment1979CSproduction by CV

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