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live shows

* includes mp3 sound files (courtesy of Brainwashed.com)


7 Seconds "Good to Go"


Adamson, Barry "Oedipus Schmoedipus"
Adamson, Barry "Can't Get Loose"
Adamson, Barry "As Above, So Below"
Adamson, Barry "What it Means"
Adamson, Barry "The Murky World of Barry Adamson"
Adamson, Barry "The Crime Scene" / The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "New Year (Destroyer)"
* Adamson, Barry + Pan Sonic "Motorlab #3"
* Adamson, Barry "The King of Nothing Hill"
Al Jabr "One Million and Three"
* Alva Noto "Prototypes"
* Alva Noto "Transform"
* Alva Noto + Opiate "Opto Files"
* Alva Noto / Signal / Byetone / Komet "Mort Aux Vaches"
* Ambre & Mark Spybey "Sfumato"
Ambush "Rumours"
Ammer/Einheit "Deutsche Krieger"
Ammer/Einheit "Radio Inferno"
Ammer/Einheit/Haage "Odysseus 7: Radio Space Opera"
The Angels of Light "New Mother"
The Angels of Light "Praise Your Name / God's Servant" 7"
* The Angels of Light "How I Loved You"
* The Angels of Light "Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home"
* Antenne "#1"
* Anti-Pop Consortium "Tragic Epilogue"
* Anti Pop Consortium "Shopping Carts Crashing"
* Antipop Consortium "The Ends Against the Middle"
* Antipop Consortium "Arrhythmia"
Antony and the Johnsons "Antony and the Johnsons"
* Antony and the Johnsons "I Fell in Love With a Dead Boy"
* Antony and Current Ninety Three "Live at St. Olave's Church, London 2002"
Aphex Twin "Windowlicker"
Aphex Twin "Windowlicker" video
Aphex Twin "Come to Viddy" video
* Aranos / Mueller / Rosenau "Bleeding In Behind Pastel Screens"
* ARC/Aidan Baker "Repercussion"
Arcturus and the Deception Circus "Disguised Masters"
* Arovane "Atol Scrap"
* Arovane "Tides"
* Au Revoir Borealis "Tienken"
Autechre "Lp5"
Autechre "Peel Session"
* Automator "A Much Better Tomorrow"
Ayers / Everall / Harris "Mesmeric Enabling Device"


* Bablicon "The Cat That Was a Dog, A Flat Inside a Fog"
* Baby Dee "Little Window"
* Baby Dee "4 Track EP"
* Backworld "The Fourth Wall"
* Baghiri, Amir "Yalda"
Bagman "Wrap"
* Balanescu, Alexander, et al "Lume Lume"
* Banhart, Devendra "Oh Me Oh My ..."
* Bargeld, Blixa "Recycled"
Bass Communion v Muslimgauze
Bass Communion v Muslimgauze EP
* Bass Communion "Bass Communion"
* Bates, Martyn "Dance of Hours"
* Battery Operated "Chases Through Non-Place"
Bauhaus "Gotham"
Beastie Boys "Intergalactic"
Beastie Boys "Scientists of Sound - Blow Up Factor Vol 1" 12"
* Bed "The Newton Plum"
The Bells "The Ultimate Seaside Companion"
Biafra, Jello "Become the Media"
* Biosphere "Substrata 2"
* Biosphere "Shenzhou"
The Black Dog "Peel Session"
* Black Faction "Internal Dissident Part 1"
* Black Faction "Reworked"
* Blimp "Superpolen"
Boards of Canada "Music has the Right to Children"
Boards of Canada "Peel Session"
Boards of Canada "Hi Scores"
The Body Haters "34:13"
The Body Lovers "Number One of Three"
Bogus Blimp "Men-Mic"
* Bogus Blimp "Cords.  Wires"
* Bowness, Tim / Peter Chilvers "California, Norfolk"
The Boy Without Hands "The Automated Hygienist"
Brinkmann, Esther "20' to 2000"
Brown, James "Say it Live and Loud - Live in Dallas 08.26.68"
Brötzmann, Caspar "Mute Massaker"
* Buzzcocks "Spiral Scratch" and "Time's Up"
Byetone "20' to 2000"


* Cale/Conrad/Maclise/Young/Zazeela "Inside the Dream Syndicate  Volume I:  Day of Niagra (1965)"
* Calla "Scavengers"
* Calla "Custom" & "Insound Tour Support Series No. 22"
Can "Music (Live 1971-1977)"
* Cannibal Ox "The Cold Vein"
Captain Sensible "The Masters"
The Caretaker "Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom"
Cascone, Kim "Parasites"
* Cash, Johnny "At Folsom Prison"
Cathars "<amorpheus>"
Caustic Window "Compilation"
* Cave, Nick "The Secret Life of the Love Song"
* Cex "Starship Galactica"
Chin, Meg Lee  "Piece and Love"
The Clash "From Here to Eternity Live"
COH "20' to 2000 - into memories of s-tone. for gavin bryars"
* COH "Iron"
* COH "Love Uncut"
Coil "The Snow"
Coil "Windowpane"
Coil "Love's Secret Domain"
Coil "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"
Coil "Unnatural History III"
Coil "Time Machines"
Coil "Spring Equinox:  Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull"
Coil "Summer Solstice:  Bee Stings"
Coil "Autumn Equinox:  Amethyst Deciever"
Coil "Winter Solstice:  North"
Coil "Musick to Play in the Dark - Vol. 1"
* Coil "Astral Disaster"
Coil "The Queens of the Circulating Library"
* Coil "Musick to Play in the Dark - Vol 2"
Coil "Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil"
Coldcut "Let Us Play"
Coldcut & Hexstatic "Timber"
* Collections of Colonies of Bees "fa.ce (a"
* Connelly, Chris and The Bells "The Ultimate Seaside Companion {revisited}"
* Connelly, Chris and the Bells "Blonde Exodus"
* Connelly, Chris "Private Education"
* Coulter, David "INterVENTION"
* Curd Duca "Elevator 3"
* Current 93 "I Have a Special Plan for this World"
Current Ninety Three / Antony and the Johnsons "Cripple and the Starfish / Immortal Bird"
Current Ninety Three "Sleep Has His House"
Current Ninety Three "Faust"
* Current Ninety Three "The Great in the Small"
* Current Ninety Three/Nurse With Wound "Bright Yellow Moon"
* Current Ninety Three "Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London"
* Current Ninety Three / Nurse With Wound "Music for the Horse Hospital"
* Czukay, Holger "La Luna"


DJ Spooky "Object Unknown"
DMSO "Marezine Halloween"
DMSO "Phantom Freakshow"
* Damage Manual "1"
* The Damage Manual "The Damage Manual"
* The Damned "Grave Disorder"
* Darling Kandie "People Next Door"
* De Blonde, Jürgen  "Hidden Rabbit"
Dead Voices on Air "Hafted Maul"
Dead Voices on Air "How Hollow Heart"
Dead Voices on Air "New Words Machine"
Dead Voices on Air "Piss Frond"
Dead Voices on Air vs. Not Breathing "... a Fire in the Bronx Zoo"
* Dead Voices on Air "Frankie Pett Presents the Happy Submarines, Playing the Music of Dead Voices on Air"
* Dead Voices On Air "Live"
Die Warzau "Engine"
* Dirty Three "Whatever You Love, You Are"
* "Docking Sequence:  BSI Campaign Vol. 1"
Download "Effector"
* Download "Inception:  The Subconscious Jams 1994 - 1995"
* Download "III Steps Forward"
* Download "III Steps Forward" LP


* E.g Oblique Graph "Completely Oblique"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Total Eclipse of the Sun"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Silence is Sexy"
* Einstürzende Neubauten "Berlin Babylon"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture III"
* Eitzel, Mark "The Invisible Man"
* Eitzel, Mark "The Ugly American"
* Electronic Eye "Neurometrik"
Elektric Music "Esperanto"
* EL-P "Fantastic Damage"
ELpH "20' to 2000 - zwölf"
ELpH vs Coil "Worship the Glitch"
Empire, Alec vs Elvis Presley
Esch, En "Confidence"
Esch, En "Cheesy"
Esperanza "Esperanza"
Esthero "Heaven Sent"
Esthero "Breath From Another"
Etant Donnes "Offenbarung Und Untergang"
Evil Mothers "Beatings (The Incriminating Fruit)"


Fehlmann, Thomas "Good Fridge.  Flowing"
Fehlmann, Thomas "One to Three.  Overflow"
* Fez Dispenser "Fez Dispenser"
Finitribe "Squelch"
* Flanger "Midnight Sound"
* Flanger "Outer Space / Inner Space"
* Flux Information Sciences "Private / Public"
* Fluxion "Vibrant Forms"
* Foetus "Flow"
* Foetus "Blow"
* Foreign Terrain "LP 1"
* Friedman, Burnt "Con Ritmo"
* Friedman, Burnt "Plays Love Songs"
* Friedman, Burnt & Jaki Liebezeit "Secret Rhythms"
* Fumble "Fumble"


* Gas "Pop"
* Genesis P-Orridge "Wordship" 7"
* Gira, M. "The Somniloquist"
* Gira, Michael "Solo/Acoustic CD"
* Gira, M.  / D. Matz "What We Did"
Godspeed You Black Emperor! "f#a#oo"
Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada"
* Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven!"
Goldfrapp "Felt Mountain"
Goldfrapp "Utopia - Genetically Enriched"
Greater Than One "Airstream / Bloodstream" 7"
* Greif, Randy "War of the World"
* Gry with FM Einheit and his Orchestra "Public Recording"


* Hallucinator "Landlocked"
Harris, Mick "Hed Nod Session 01" 12"
* Harris, Mick & Ambre "Dys"
* Harris, Mick "Hed Nod 04" 12"
* Hausswolff, Carl Michael Von "Ström"
* Hawtin, Richie "Decks, EFX & 909"
* Hazard/Fennesz/Biosphere "Light"
Hepcat "Right on Time"
Here "Brooklyn Bank"
* Him "New Features"
* Hitohana, Maikeru cd-r
* H>OST "cin"


Ice "Bad Blood"
Ikeda, Ryoji "20' to 2000 - variations for modulated 440hz sinewaves"
* Ikeda, Ryoji & Carsten Nicolai "Cyclo"
Involution "Involution"
* Involution LP


* Jansky Noise "The Cuckoo"
* João, Kåre "Sideman"
Jarboe "Anhedoniac"
* Jarboe "Dislocation"


Kalma "Embarrassed"
* Kaphan, Bruce "Slider"
Ka-spel, Edward "Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles Volume 2"
Ka-Spel, Edward "The Blue Room"
Ka-Spel, Edward "Dream Stealer / Share the Day"
* Ka-Spel, Edward "Tanith and the Lion Tree"
* Kate Mosh "Dynamo"
Key, cEvin "Music For Cats"
* Key, cEvin Key "The Ghost of Each Room"
Kid 606 "The Soccergirl EP"
Kirk, Richard H. "Knowledge Through Science"
Kirk, Richard H. "Darkness at Noon"
Kirk, Richard H. "LoopStatic [amine ß ring modulations]"
Komet "20' to 2000 - manhatten"
* Koschka, Kim "Bella Maniera"
Kraftwerk "EXPO2000"
* Krause, Manuela + Pole "Mein Freund Der Baum" 7"
kr0p3r0m "a9FF"


Lab Report "Excision"
Lab Report "All Your Little Pieces Make Me a Whole"
* Lab Report "Classical Atmospheres"
* Lane, Anita "Sex O'Clock"
Lard "Pure Chewing Satisfaction"
Lard "70's Rock Must Die"
* Larsen "Rever"
Legendary Pink Dots "Canta Mientras Puedas"
Legendary Pink Dots "Hallway of the Gods"
Legendary Pink Dots "Sterre"
Legendary Pink Dots "The Pre-Millennial Single"
Legendary Pink Dots "Nemesis Online"
The Legendary Pink Dots "Live at La Luna" video
Legendary Pink Dots "Live at the Metro"
Legendary Pink Dots "Poi Poka Mozhesh"
Legendary Pink Dots "A Perfect Mystery"
* Legendary Pink Dots "Synesthesia"
Lennon, Sean "Into the Sun"
Lennon, Sean "Home"
Lesser 3.5 "Welcome to the American Experience"
* Liima "Versions I-II + Versions III-IV" 10"s
* Little Annie "Diamonds Made of Glass"
* The Living Jarboe "Disburden Disciple"
* Lunch, Lydia With the Anubian Nights "Champagne, Cocaine & Nicotine Stains"
* LUOMO "Vocalcity"
* Lustmord "Metavoid"


* Magazine "Maybe It's Right to Be Nervous Now"
* Manorexia "Volvox Turbo"
* Maschineschlosser "Orange Noise"
Matera "Same Here"
Matmos "A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure"
Maurizio "Maurizio"
* McLion, Charly "The Nature of the Universe"
Meat Beat Manifesto "Acid Again"
Meat Beat Manifesto "Actual Sounds + Voices"
Meat Beat Manifesto "Prime Audio Soup"
Mellowtrons / Meat Beat Manifesto "Bittersweet Synthphony / Not Playing God" 12"
Mere Mortals "Ethnic Dub Simmphony in Ten Parts"
* Merzbow "Live at Radio 100"
* Merzbow / Christoph Heemann "Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss"
Merzbow / Genesis P-Orridge "A Perfect Pain"
* Merzbow "Dharma"
Misfits "Famous Monsters"
* Moblin "CPROMPT"
Monks "Five Upstart Americans"
Monolake "Hongkong"
Monolake "Interstate"
Monolake "Gobi.  the Desert EP"
* Monolake "Gravity"
* Monolake "Cinemascope"
Mouse on Mars "Autoditacker"
Mouse on Mars "Niun Niggung"
Murder Inc. "Locate Subvert Terminate - The Complete Murder Inc."
* Murphy, Peter "Dust"
Muslimgauze "Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass"
Muslimgauze "Mullah Said"
Muslimgauze "Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Theme"
Muslimgauze "Observe With Sadiq Bey"
Muslimgauze "Box of Silk and Dogs" boxset
Muslimgauze "Fakir Sind"
Muslimgauze "Hand of Fatima"
Muslimgauze "Lo-fi India Abuse"
Muslimgauze "Drugsherpa"
* Muslimgauze - "New Soul" Reverberation Remixes by Muslimgauze


* Nehil, Seth "Uva"
* No-Man "Returning Jesus"
Not Breathing "The Starry Wisdom"
Not Breathing "Itchy Tingles"
Noto "20' to 2000 - time..dot"
* The NO WTO COMBO "Live from the Battle in Seattle"
Nurse With Wound "An Awkward Pause"
* Nurse With Wound / Aranos "Santoor Lena Bicycle"
* Nurse With Wound "Man With the Woman Face"


* Ø + Noto "Wohltemperiert"
Off and Gone "Everest"
* Opium Jukebox "Music to Download Pornography By"
* Opium Jukebox "Never Mind The Bhangra Here's The Opium Jukebox - a Sex Pistols Tribute"
* Orchestra Terrestrial "Here And Elsewhere"
* Origami Galaktika "Stjernevandring / Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda"
* Origami Galaktika "The Power of Compassion" 7"


P-Orridge, Genesis with Splinter Test "Thee Fractured Garden"
* Paik, Nam June "Works 1958.1979"
* Pan*American "360 business 360 bypass"
Pan American "East Coast Bugs" 12"
* Pan American / Komet / Fisherofgold "Personal Settings"
pandorabox ":songs:seldom:sung:anymore:2:"
* Parkin, Nick "Entropolis" & "Geomorphic Resonance"
* Penrose, Christopher "American Jingo"
* Penumbra "Skandinavien"
Phylr "Contra La Puerta"
Phylr "Halflife"
* Piano Bread s/t
Pig "Wrecked"
Pig "Prime Evil"
Pig "No One Gets Out of Her Alive"
Pig "Genuine American Monster"
Pigface "Son of a Glitch" video
Pigface "Below the Belt"
Pigface "Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck"
* Pigface "The Best Of - Preaching to the Perverted"
* Pigface "Easy Listening... for Difficult Fuckheads"
Pistel "Pistel"
Pistel, Mark & Electronic Dub Collective "Millennium"
platEAU "spacEcakE"
PlatEAU "Iceolator" LP
Plotkin:Spybey "A Peripheral Blur"
Pole "Pole 2"
Pole "Pole 3"
* Pole "R"
* Porcupine Tree "Lightbulb Sun"
Porter Ricks : Techno Animal "Symbiotics"
* Potter, Colin "And Then"
Project Dark "Excited by Gramophones Volume 4"
Propeller "Rame"
Propeller "Oro"
Psychic Enemies Network "Psychic Enemies Network"
* Psychic Enemies Network "Valis"
Psychic TV "Allegory & Self:  Thee Starlit Mire"
Psychic TV "Cold Blue Torch"
Psychic TV "Hex Sex: the Singles, Pt. 1"
Psychic TV "Pagan Day"
Psychic TV "Trip Reset"
Psychic TV "Origin of the Species"
Psychic TV "Origin of the Species Volume Too!"
Psychic TV "Were You Ever Bullied at School... Do You Want Revenge?"
* Public Image Limited "Plastic Box"


* Queen Elizabeth s/t & Queen Elizabeth 2 "Elizabeth Vagina"


* Rapoon "Pell Mell"
* Razing Germs s/t
* Reed, Lou "Ecstasy"
* "Replicant Rumba Rockers:  A Rather Interesting Mix"
Rhythm & Sound w/Tikiman "Showcase"
* Rhythm & Sound "Rhythm & Sound"
Rieflin, Bill "Birth of a Giant"
* Rieflin, Bill & Chris Connelly "Largo"
Rieflin/Fripp/Gunn "The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior"
* Riley, Terry "You're Nogood"
Riou "Pops"
Rollins, Henry "Think Tank"
Rollins Band "Come in and Burn"
Rootsman "Versions of the Unseen EP"
Rother, Michael "Chronicles I"
* Rother, Michael "Esperanza"
* Rotoscope "Great Curves"
* "Round One to Round Five 1993 - 1999"
Rx "Bedside Toxicology"


Sandoz in Dub "Chant to Jah"
* Sandoz "Afrocentris"
Scanner "20' to 2000 - cystic"
Scorn "Zander"
Scorn "Whine"
Scorn "Anamnesis 1994-7"
Scorn "Imaginara Award EP"
Senking "20' to 2000"
* Senking "Ping Thaw"
* Senking "Trial"
Sheep on Drugs "Never Mind the Methadone"
Sheep on Drugs "One for the Money"
Sheep on Drugs "Two for the Show"
* Shelleydevoto "Buzzkunst"
* Short Stories by 310 "Nothing to See Here"
Sigur Rós "Ágaetis Byrjun"
Sigur Rós "Svefn-g-englar"
* The Silverman "Requiem Settings"
SIMM "Welcome"
* Single Unit "Family of Forces"
* Skinny Puppy "Puppy Gristle"
Slave One "Slave One" 7"
Slayer "Diabolus in Musica"
Slick Idiot "DickNity"
* Soul Center "Soul Center 3"

* Spybey, Mark & Mick Harris "Bad Roads, Young Drivers"
Squarepusher "Big Loada"
Squarepusher "Music is Rotted One Note"
Squarepusher "Budakhan Mindphone"
Squarepusher "Maximum Priest"
Squarepusher presents "Selection Sixteen"
Stars of the Lid "Gravitational Pull vs. the Desire for an Aquatic Life"
* Stars of the Lid "The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid"
Strummer, Joe and the Mescaleros "Yalla Yalla"
Strummer, Joe and the Mescaleros "Rock Art and the X-Ray Style"
Systemwide meets Muslimgauze "At the City of the Dead" 12"
Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze "Nommos' Return" 10"
SWANS "SWANS are Dead"
* SWANS "Filth / Body to Body, Job to Job"
* SWANS "The Great Annihilator"


Tactile "Borderlands"
The Tear Garden "Crystal Mass"
* Techno Animal "The Brotherhood of the Bomb"
* Temper "Navy Blue"
Test Dept "Proven in Action"
Test Dept "Materia Primera"
Test Dept "Tactics for Evolution"
Thee Majesty "Time's Up"
Thighpaulsandra "Some Head"
* Thighpaulsandra "I, Thighpaulsandra"
* Thighpaulsandra "The Michel Publicity Window E.P."
* Thor "Fields of Innards"
Thread "The Need for a Sky"
Thread "Obsidian Monarch / Null Tributary" 7"
Thread "In Sweet Sorrow"
* Thread "Abnormal Love"
Trace Decay "Dispersion"
Trafficante "Is This Now?"
Tricky "Angels With Dirty Faces"
Tricky "Broken Homes"
Tricky "Money Greedy / Broken Homes"
Tricky "For Real" pt 1 and pt 2
Tricky with DJ Muggs and Grease "Juxtapose"
* Tricky "Mission Accomplished"
Trouble Funk "Droppin' Bombs - The Definitive Trouble Funk"
* Troum "Tjukurrpa (Part One:  Harmonies)"
* Twelve Thousand Days "The Devil In the Grain"
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Dub Plate Selection"
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Horsie"
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Dub Plates Volume Two" LP
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Dub Voyage"
* Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Volcanic Dub"


* Ulan Bator "Ego : Echo"
Ulver "Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
Ulver "Metamorphosis"ep
* Ulver "Perdition City [Music to an Interior Film]"
The Undead "Til Death!"
* Unruh, N.U. "Euphorie im Zeitalter der digitalen Informationsübertragung"
* Uusitalo "Vapaa Muurari Live"


v/a 20' to 2000 series (komet, ilpo vaisanen, ryoji ikeda, COH, byetone, senking, esther brinkmann, scanner, noto, mika vainio, wolfgang voigt, elph)
v/a "A Homage to Neu !" - Cleopatra
v/a "Attitude" - tigerbeat6
* v/a "Collision Course" - PIAS Recordings
v/a "Drug Test One" - Invisible
v/a "Drug Test Two" - Invisible
v/a "Drug Test Three" - Invisible
* v/a "Galleries 4-6" - 20 City
v/a "Gone Too Far" - EST
* v/a Hip Hop Slam presents "Pirate Fuckin' Radio 100" - Hip Hop Slam
v/a "Hymns of the Warlock" - Cleopatra
v/a "In Dust We Trust" - Invisible
v/a "Invisible RouteSixSixSix" - Invisible
v/a "Interiors" - Sentrax / Invisible
* v/a "King Size Dub"
* v/a "[Komfort.Labor] Presents ~scape"
* v/a "[Komfort.Labor] Presents Native Lab"
v/a "The Lo Fibre Companion" - Lo Fibre / Invisible
v/a "Noise Reduction II" - Alleysweeper / Invisible
v/a "Notes From Thee Real Underground" - Invisible / Underground Inc.
* v/a "Nowe:le"
* v/a "OHM:  The Early Gurus of Electronic Music  1948-1980" - Ellipsis Arts
* v/a "Óskabörn Pjódarinnar" soundtrack
v/a "Paradigm Shift" - Subconscious / Nettwerk
* v/a "Pola X" soundtrack (Scott Walker, Sonic Youth, etc) - Barclay /Universal Music
v/a Skinny Puppy "Remix Dys Temper" - Nettwerk
v/a "Short Music for Short People" Fat Wreck
v/a "Smiling Pets" - Sony Japan
v/a "Sonics Everywhere" - Possible / Invisible
* v/a "sR:ample - a Source Research Recordings Sampler" - Source Research
* v/a "Staedtizism 2" - ~scape
v/a Various 500 "Lock Grooves by 500 Artists" LP - RRRecords
v/a "Welcome to Lotus Land" - Map
v/a "Wish You Were Queer a Tribute to Ministry" - Invisible

Vainio, Mika "Ydin"
Vainio, Mika "20' to 2000"
Vaisanen, Ilpo "20' to 2000"
* Van Hoorn, Niels & Mark Spybey Present "De Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club"
Various Artists "8,8.5,9 remixes"
* Vibert, Luke / BJ Cole "Stop the Panic"
* Vladislav Delay "Entain"
* Vladislav Delay "Multila"
* Vladislav Delay "Anima"
* Vladislav Delay "Naima"
Voigt, Wolfgang "20' to 2000 - 20 minuten gas im november"
* Volcano The Bear "Guess the Birds" 10"
* Vote Robot "In Meorm NA"
V/Vm "Sick Love"
V/Vm "The Green Door"


Wagon Christ "The Power of Love"
Wagon Christ "Lovely"
Wagon Christ "Tally Ho!"
* The Wailers Band / Rhythm & Sound "Higher Field Marshall / No Partial" 10"
Ween "White Pepper"
Western, Phil "The Escapist"
* Western, Phil / Tim Hill "Dark Features"
Western, Phillip "Worlds End"
When "Psychedelic Wunderbaum"
* When "WriterCakebox - the Unblessed World of When (1983 - 1998)"
* When "The Lobster Boys"
* Windsor For the Derby "The Awkwardness EP"
* Wobble, Jah and Deep Space "Beach Fervour Spare"
* Wobble, Jah & Evan Parker "Passage to Hades"
* Wobble, Jah & The Invaders of the Heart "Molam Dub"
* Wobble, Jah & Temple of Sound "Shout At The Devil"
* Wobble, Jah "The Early Years"
* Wobble, Jah "Fly"
* Wobble, Jah & The Invaders of the Heart "English Roots Music"


* Xhol "Motherfuckers Live"
* Zammuto "Solutiore of Stareau"
* Zenial "Reworked"
* :Zoviet*France: "The Decriminalisation of Country Music"

Live Shows

William Basinski / Andreas Martin / Christoph Heemann - 1/25/03 - Ceremony Hall - Austin, TX
Antipop Consortium
- 4/15/02 - The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
The Angels of Light
- 12/13/01 - The Double Dragon - K.C., MO
Pigface - 12/2/01, The Metro Austin, TX
The Angels of Light - 11/30/01 - Emo's - Austin, TX; 12/1/01 - The Green Door - Oklahoma City, OK
Henry Rollins - 11/17/01 - Madrid Theatre - K.C., MO
The Damned - 11/2/01 - The Backroom - Austin, TX; 11/3/01 - Deep Ellum Live - Dallas, TX
Chris Connelly and The Bells - 6/23/01 - Sally T's - Saint Peters, MO
Foetus - 6/9/01 - Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX
Einstürzende Neubauten - 7/25/00 - Granada - Lawrence, KS
Roger Waters - 7/3/00 - Fiddler's Green - Denver, CO; 6/11/00 - Starplex Amphitheater - Dallas, TX
Mark Eitzel - 6/27/01 - The Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX; 6/28/01 - The Mercury Room Austin, TX
Ween- 6/16/00 - City Market - K.C., MO
Rollins Band - 5/13/00 - The Granada Lawrence, KS
Peter Murphy - 3/30/00 - Deep Ellum Live Dallas, TX
Rollins Band - 8/23/99 - the Curtain Club Dallas, TX; 8/24/99 - Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK; 8/25/99 - The Boar's Head Pub OKC, OK
Rollins Band - 7/11/99 - The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
The Angels of Light - 6/13/99 - Stubb's BBQ Austin, TX; 6/15/99 - The Gypsy Tea Room; Dallas, TX; 6/16/99 - VZD's Oklahoma City, OK
Henry Rollins - 1/29/99 - Kansas City, MO
Meat Beat Manifesto - 11/21/98 - Dallas, TX
Twilight Circus / Legendary Pink Dots - 11/5/98 - Lawrence, KS; 11/6/98 - Tulsa, OK
The Bells - 3/18/98 - Lawrence, KS
Invisible Records "Lowest of the Low" - 3/12/98 - Tulsa, OK
The Damned - 3/10/98 - Lawrence, KS

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